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At the Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center, we envision gathering the best animal workers in one place to support the public. With our community, the Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center will become the premier go-to resource for dog owners.

There are many benefits to you, including:

  •      Increased exposure of your products and services
  •      Enhanced credibility as a resource of Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center
  •      Additional revenue
We offer multiple working relationships to accommodate all professionals.

A) Affiliate

As an affiliate or reseller, we will promote your services and/or products on our website. We receive a commission of every sale that is referred to you.

B) Direct Sales

Sell your products directly on our website. This streamlined process makes it easy for readers to become customers. We buy the products from you at wholesale prices and sell them directly to our users.

C) License

We buy a license to resell your information and market it as a product of Hope For Healing Dogs Resource Center. This model works well for eBooks, articles and training courses.

D) Contractor

We hire you to fulfill a service to our customers. Customers buy your services from us on this website and we pay you to fulfill those services. This option is primarily for Holistic Vets, Nutritionists, Animal Health Coaches, and Animal Communicators who do not have their own affiliate program.


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