What can we do for you?

Show you how to save your dog from canine liver disease
Show you how to create a nutritious balanced healthy homemade diet for your dog.
Show you how to best take care of your aging dog.
Teach you how to give your dog a checkup and know when you should take your dog to the Vet.
Show you how to register your copy of one of our products and get your bonuses.
Teach you how to pick the best commercial diet for your dog
Teach you how to enhance your current commercial dog diet.
Show you how to detoxify your dog’s body and environment so they live longer healthier lives.
Show you comparisons of supplements so you can pick the best one for your dog.
Show you comparisons of commercial dog foods so you can make informed choices for feeding your dog.
Talk to your dog and find out what’s wrong, how they’re feeling or why they are doing something.



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What would a “Resource Center” be without resources. We have them and we share them freely. Visit our Resources page

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Liver Disease Consultation

If you would like some help coming up with the best alternative treatment for liver disease in your dog, then schedule a private consultation with Cyndi.

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Nutrition & Diet

Would you like help with a custom diet for your dog?

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Pet Communication

Would you like to know what your dog has to say about their current behavior, health or just find out more about them in general?

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Animal Health Coaching

Sometimes you really need someone to walk by your side as you take the healing journey with your dog.retium.

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Our Vision

Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center is Cyndi’s vision of a dog resource center where everyday people can find out what they need to know to take the best care of their dog. The Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center is a beacon of HOPE. So many times we feel powerless to save our dogs or to care for our dogs properly. So when the traditional vet’s offer no hope, we are here to give you hope. There IS something YOU can do. You are not powerless and hopeless to do what the traditional vet says. There are other options. We want to show you what your options are.


Why Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center?


For the past 13 years, Cyndi Smasal has turned her love of one dog Norman, into a passion for all dogs. She’s helped thousands of dog lovers with their liver dogs through her book and hundreds have spoken with her about their own liver dogs. Cyndi has studied canine nutrition, animal naturopathy, natural and holistic animal care, animal communication and positive dog training. She has cared for 6 of her own dogs through liver disease, arthritis, thunderstorm phobias, sensitive skin and stomachs, food allergies, heart murmurs, old age, behavior issues and all of the other normal challenges of loving and owning dogs. She has also helped many other pet parents in caring for the wellbeing of their dogs.

Cyndi uses her God given ability to research, sort, analyze, and consolidate so you can cut through the often overwhelming and conflicting information that is out there and go straight to what you need to know to help your dog. She tests the theories; she looks at trends and sorts through the fads. She also stays in tuned with the expert people and organizations so she can compile the best of the best resources so you don’t have to do the work yourself.


Dog Health Content Curator
Liver Disease Consultation
Animal Health Coaching
Canine Nutrition & Diet
Animal Communication
Positive Dog Training

What are the benefits?

The Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center will give you confidence that you are taking the best care possible of your beloved dog. You’ll learn what questions to ask your vet and what to look out for with the traditional vet treatments that could harm your dog’s health without you even knowing it.

We will support you every step of the way – You are not alone. You’ll be supported by Cyndi and the helpful staff of the H4H Resource Center.

We’ve only just begun, so there will be many more benefits to come.


Let me show you what we’ve done so far.

Norman – Cyndi’s first dog was given a month to live after his initial diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver. Cyndi cared for him and developed a natural alternative treatment and he went on to live for 2 more years with no further liver problems. This treatment is well documented in Cyndi’s first book – Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog [link to buy book]. Norman’s specific case study is available here

Over 10 thousand people have purchased Cyndi’s book. Out of those people and their dogs, thousands were saved and went on to live for months and years longer than their Vet’s predicted.


The newest services

One of Cyndi’s gifts is her ability to telepathically communicate with animals. She spent 2 years studying with a Master Animal Communicators – Val Heart and Asia Voight. After successfully communicating with her own dogs and the dogs and cats of friends and family, she decided to offer her gifts to others who needed to hear specifically what their animals need or want. Although this is still a relatively new offering, she has had great fun and success communicating with dogs and cats. You can read some of the amazing transcriptions of her conversations here.

Here’s what you can get here at the Hope for Healing Resource Center:

Buy Cyndi’s helpful books “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog”
Register the purchase of these books from other sources like Amazon, so you can get book updates and benefits that come with owning these resources
Upgrade your purchase of “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog” by hiring Cyndi to help you with your liver dog using her Liver Disease Consultation.
If you don’t already have Cyndi’s book, you can purchase the book and liver disease consultation and all the bonus resources at once in this bundle package
If you need to communicate with your dog (or other companion animal), Cyndi’s remote Animal Communication Sessions are here.
If you just want to look around, start here in the Resource Center.
If you need help with your homemade dog diet, you can visit the nutrition area to check out the free recipes, or get your current recipe analyzed, or have Cyndi use her software to create a special balanced diet that meets your dog’s specific needs.

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