Nutrition and Diet Services

Our Nutrition Services are comprehensive and thorough to make sure your dog has the best possible diet.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Are you tired of buying prepackaged dog food from the pet or grocery store?

Do you want your dog to have a wholesome diet without any harmful preservatives?

We offer homemade dog food recipes personalized for your dog. We specialize in tailoring dog food recipes to specific health conditions. For example, if your dog has liver disease, we know exactly what foods your dog should be eating to alleviate the symptoms and maximize health.

Recipe Analysis

Have you already started feeding your dog homemade food?

Are you interested in exploring a raw food diet or vitamin supplements?

With our proprietary pet diet software, we analyze your dog’s current diet and note any areas of improvement. We specifically look out for essential nutrients that all dogs must consume on a daily basis. We spot any deficiencies in your dog’s current diet and recommend foods to improve your dog’s health.

Nutrition Consultation

Want ongoing support to monitor your dog’s health?

With our Nutrition Consultation Services, you will receive two months of frequent email and phone contact to ensure your dog has the proper diet. We monitor the results of our recommendations and make sure that your dog is responding well to any diet changes.

We guarantee that your dog’s diet will be complete and balanced after using our services or your money back!