Liver Disease Consultation Bundle


If your dog suffers from liver disease, you have come to perfect place for solutions. Cyndi Smasal is an Animal Health Coach and Pet Communicator who healed her own dog from liver disease and has made it her mission to help other pet owners do the same.

What You Get

  • “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog – 3rd Edition” ebook
  • “Quick Start Guide” ebook
  • “Help Me! My Dog Won’t Eat” ebook
  • All Bonus Reports
  • Hope for Healing Dog Resource Center Basic Membership for 1 year
  • 45- Minute Phone Consultation that includes:
  • Evaluation of your pet’s lifestyle and environment
  • Discussion about detoxification and supplements
  • Guidance on how to transition your pet to an appropriate liver diet
  • Telepathic pet communication to evaluate your dog’s emotional state
  • Follow-up emails to answer your questions


If you have sifted through all the information online about canine liver disease and ended up with more questions than answers, this is the right service for you. Cyndi Smasal saves you time and money by providing you with the appropriate solutions for your dog the first time. No more trying different supplements and diets to see what works. Learn from the expert and begin healing your dog right away.


*Consultations are not intended to replace the advice of a veterinarian. The information provided is based on Cyndi’s experience healing her dog and helping other dogs.